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American Bladesmith’s Society

Blacksmith & Items:


Anvil Fire
  Wonderful site full of information & tutorials.

Keen - Junk
  Great site for those interested in blacksmithing, or for the knife




Master Index of knifemaking materials and suppliers.
  Exotic woods, skins, gems, metals and other materials used for blades, handles
  and sheaths. Links and direct supplier contacts. Heat treating, polishing, etching,
  laser works, engraving, scrimshaw. 100 web pages of information.

The Ultimate Trade Listing for the metal worker & related fields.
  Suppliers of metal, abrasives, knife materials etc.


For the Shooter:


Cyber Shooters
  A large list of retailers primarily for the gun enthusiast.

Earp Institute
  For those interested in big bore handguns & lever action rifles.
  Check out the links from this page. Sixgun, Sixgunner, The Shootists, etc. All are
  very good.

  A huge directory of web site urls for the hunter, shooter, & outdoorsman. 

Shooters Talk
  On of the best message boards for the shooter of all interests.




*AJH* Custom Knives & Services
  Custom hand made knives, knife repairs, refurbishing
, sharpening.  Online store.

Cutler's Cove
  Since 1991, Cutler's Cove has specialized in
  vintage made knives. You will find many custom
  makers listed under Custom Makers in the Knife Web Guide.  

Don Fogg
  Site full of information for those interested in knives.

Kirk Rexroat
  ABS Master Smith

Knife Outlet
   A virtual store of knives & related items. The links
   page will give you a great selection of commercial
   & custom knives as well as access to knife makers.