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recon.jpg (6430 bytes)

Recon Coffin handle of black linen micarta. 7" blade in stain resistant 440-C.
Item # 5   $375.00

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Bowie / Fighter A nice large knife right out of the 19th century. This knife has a 10 " blade forged from a farrier’s rasp. A mild steel guard with a pinned maple handle completes the look. The sheath for this knife is assembled with copper rivets.    
Item # 6  $275.00    

knife8.jpg (6133 bytes)

Dagger Forged blade 6 " long. This blade is constructed from 5160 steel. A convex grind and a simple forged guard and final of mild steel complete the period look. The handle is made from a very nice piece of walnut burl. Item # 8  $250.00

knife5.jpg (7100 bytes)

Damascus Bowie / Fighter The knife pictured is constructed of 128 layers of 1095 and 1084 high carbon steel. The twisted pattern is quite impressive in this blade. The cocobolo handle goes beautifully with the Damascus guard. Blade is just short of 9". Item # 12   $750.00

Spike Knife.jpg (6869 bytes)

Railroad Spike A unique knife forged from a railroad spike. I make these in various blade styles. To keep the cost down, these knives do not include a sheath.
Item # 13  $60.00

knife7.jpg (7488 bytes)

Drop Point This forged blade is made from a file. The blade is 4 1/2" long and is finished with cocobolo scales. The blade has a very interesting pattern, which is different from side to side. Quite unique. Item # 7  $175.00

tpcb.jpg (110797 bytes) Buffalo Skinner  This is the knife for the Cowboy Shooter or Buckskinner. Forged from 5160 & differentially heat treated. 5 1/2" blade. Knife is left in the rough for that special look. Mesquite scales complete the unit.   $140.00

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