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Here you will find a selection of the types of knives that I make. You will notice that they cover a rather broad range. Keep in mind as you browse that various handle materials may be used. Blade patterns are also an item that is variable. If you would like a blade " longer, it can be made. If you see a drop point that you like but would rather have a similar piece with a trailing point, it also can be produced. Some file work is available if the customer so desires. The gallery does not contain all of the knives that I have on hand. Some of the knives seen  may be in stock with a different handle material or blade pattern. Also, I have blades for the Cowboy Shooter such as buckskinners and large throwers. Contact me if you have questions about styles I have not mentioned.


Ordering Information

To place an order or ask a question, you may contact me by e-mail, P.O., or phone. If ordering a knife, you must specify all details. Orders for knives not on hand or custom orders require a 50% deposit. No personal checks or credit cards. Money order is the accepted method of payment and items will be shipped immediately. California residents be sure to add 7%.


Hunting & Utility Knives          Fighters, Bowies, & Cowboy Knives


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Bird and Trout / Utility This is one of my most popular models. Very useful and handy to carry as the blade is 3" of 440-C. Handle material is black linen micarta for durability. Item #1   $130.00

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Drop Point A 3 " hunter made from 3/16 stock. The blade is 440-C. Handle is black linen micarta and the guard is brass.
Item #2  $260.00

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3 Finger Drop Point  A small knife that may be used for many purposes. Beautiful iron wood scales & stainless steel make this knife both good looking & easy maintenance.

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Drop Point  3 1/2" hunter of 1/8" 440-C stock. Mirror polished blade with brass fittings & white corean for the handle. $290.00 


Neck Knife  These are easily carried & useful knives. They weigh almost nothing so you will never feel burdened with their presence. They come with a Kydex sheath that may be carried around the neck or stuffed in your pocket.

boot.jpg (122130 bytes) Boot Knife  Slim & light weight! This 440-C boot knife is perfect for those special occasions. Very rust resistant & undetectable. Blade is 3 3/4"   $140.00

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Semi-skinner This is a beautiful knife of 3/16" 440-C. Blade is 4" long. Brass guard and beautiful cocobolo scales. This knife has to be in your hand for you to appreciate the fantastic feel!  Item # 3   $295.00  

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New River Sowbelly  Knife design by W. Wah,  noted local adventurer & lawman. Forged 4" blade of 1085. Gorgeous ironwood scales with brass fittings.  $290.00 

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Drop Point A mirror polished blade 3 " long of ATS-34. This knife has very dense stag scales with nickel silver fittings. Item # 4   $375.00.

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Damascus Clip The Damascus is made from 1095 and 1084 steel. The blade is 5" long and has a very subtle clip. Notice the 4-pointed stars in the blade. To finish the piece, I used nickel silver for the guard and added a cocobolo handle. Item # 9  $550.00    

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Nickel Damascus This knife has a nice and slim 4" blade made of 1095 and1084 plus a bit of nickel. Cocobolo handle with polished mild steel fittings. Item # 10  $450.00

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Damascus Light This is a very light Damascus knife. The blade is 1/8" thick and tapers to the point. The length of the blade is 4 ". The Damascus blade is of the Star pattern. Complete with cocobolo handle and a Damascus guard, this is a nice looking knife. Item # 11  $550.00

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hdchain.jpg (92543 bytes) Harley Davidson Chain  Forged from an HD primary chain. This knife has a beautiful pattern. Blade is 5". Brass fittings & a cocobolo handle finish the knife.   $650.00

damsmisk.jpg (66745 bytes) Damascus Semi-Skinner   3 3/4" blade of 1095 & 1084 carbon steel. Brass guard & Cocobolo scales.   $600.00

sharkbt.jpg (64717 bytes) Shark Boot Knife   3 3/4" 440C blade.
Black linen micarta with brass fittings.

stwt1.jpg (60020 bytes) Straight Hunter / Utility   3 3/8" 440C
blade. White corean handle & brass fittings.   $290.00

rdwdburl.jpg (65435 bytes) Skinner   Beautiful Redwood Burl handle shows off this piece. 3/16" 440C
is used for the blade. 4" blade is mirror polished complete with brass fittings.

semiskin1.jpg (85243 bytes) Semi-Skinner   Cocobolo scales & brass fittings. Knife has a 3 1/2" blade of  1/8" 440C.   $295.00

damdp4a.jpg (98245 bytes) Damascus Hunter   128 layers of 1095 & 1084 in the random pattern. Beautiful cocobolo handle & brass fittings. Blade is
3 1/2" long.   $550.00

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Knife & Fork Set  For that special BBQ
440C Stainless with cocobolo handles & brass fittings.

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Knife Sheaths My knife sheaths are hand cut, hand stitched, and custom fit to each knife. I use 9/10 leather for most applications insuring durability. They are included with the knife. The railroad spike knife does not include a sheath. If you have a knife that needs a sheath, I can make one for it. I will need the knife to make it all fit properly. Each job will have to be bid on an individual basis.
Sheaths start at $60.00.

Bowies, Fighters, & knives for the Cowboy Shooter will be found in Gallery 2 

Gallery 2 

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