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Bar-B-Q Hooks These forged meat turners are the slickest thing you will ever use. Much better than a fork because they do not stick as easily. Specify right or left hand.
Item # 1  $25.00


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Burger Flipper For that unique look at the Bar-B-Q. These flippers have the same handle pattern as the Bar-B-Q hooks. They stand alone or make a great set.   Item # 2 $30.00


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Hook  Forged from mild steel. These may be driven into trees, posts, fascia boards, etc. Great for hanging plants. Hooks are
about 3 1/2" tall & have a 1 3/4" opening. 
Sizes vary.  $5.00


    Letter Opener  Unique forged letter opener. Different handle representations are available. The Twist is one of the most useful & appealing!   $50.00 

letterdam2.jpg (91125 bytes) Damascus Letter Opener 128 layer of 1095, 1084, & nickel. Corean handle with nickel guard.   $525.00 


poker.jpg (39666 bytes)  Poker  Fire pokers made from 1/2" or 3/8" square stock. Forged with a twist. Click on image to see larger photo. Note detail of the brand incorporation in photo to right.
$45.00 & up...
poker1.jpg (109451 bytes) Detail of Poker  This poker was built for a rancher with a livestock brand incorporated in its design. See complete poker in  photo to left.