About Me

My name is Terry Torrence. My knife making experience evolved out of a life long interest in hunting, the outdoors in general, and the quest for the ultimate knife. I started hunting in the 50’s and have not missed a bird season since. I shot my first deer in 1960. Again, I have hunted every season from that time on. Those experiences have given me opinions about what a knife should be. I made my first "real" knife in 1987. The first few years I worked blades by stock removal. By 1995, I had completed my forge and a New World opened up for me! Now I have a choice to forge or grind. Today I make styles from small kitchen knives, bird & trout, various hunters, to fighters & Bowies.


Ground blades are usually 440-C or ATS-34. Forged blades are 5160 or Damascus. Damascus is 1095 and 1084. I can make it with O-1 and mild steel also. Nickel Damascus is also available. The patterns are ladder, twist, and random. My preferred blade grinds are hollow or convex. I feel that they both have their place. A brushed or mirror finish is available.

All of my knives are made entirely by me. There are no fixtures or CNC equipment in my shop. The sheaths are made by me custom fit to each knife. Stitching is done by hand. Color choice is available. I enjoy making knives of the customer’s design.


Handle materials that I like to use are micarta for hard working knives, and micarta, cocobolo, or stag for the rest. While I consider all my knives working knives, stag or cocobolo is an added touch. Cocobolo is a most beautiful hard wood. It has a broad range of colors and takes a great polish. The pictures do not do it justice. Most forged blades use a stick tang configuration. The others use scales glued and pinned. The customers may also supply their own materials.

One of a kind

Since I use no fixtures or jigs of any kind, no two knives of the same model will ever be exactly the same. While they may be of the same pattern, they are all hand made hand held and will therefore vary. Your knife will be one-of-a-kind.

Items for the home

I also have forged items. Bar-B-Q hooks, burger flippers, and other items are available.


All knives are guaranteed to be free of defects. They are not guaranteed for abuse. No natural handle materials are guaranteed. They were living material and to an extent they still are. They never quit moving. Heat is the biggest destroyer of handles. Never leave your knife in a locked vehicle with the windows wound up. The heat generated, especially with knife placed on the dash, will ruin a handle. Upon receiving your knife, examine the workmanship. If you are not satisfied, please return it immediately and unused for a full refund.


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