Sturgis 2001
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What a great trip we had this year to Sturgis. As some of you know, this was a special journey for me. I traveled many of the roads that had been traveled before with my wife Barbara. This time she was with me also... Much of the 6,150 miles that I traveled were spent looking for a few places of special meaning to us both. I did not find all that I was looking for but did find a couple of them. I will just have to make another trip one day.

Our journey began August 3, 01. Don, Mando, Jerry, Mike, Eddie, & I met at Denny's for breakfast and a planned departure of 5:00 a.m. Jerry was a bit late but caught up with us on the road. The first planned stop was Ehrenberg, CA.  I had called Toby, Barb's brother- in -law, a couple of months prior to see if he would like to ride with us. He had just taken possession of a new HD. Needless to say, he was ready when we arrived. The Magnificent 7 were off!!

It wasn't too bad of a first day out. Mando's bike would not run over 60, and then only if you coaxed it up there gently. Made several stops to try and get it running better. Chased some wires to the ignition switch and thought the problem was found. Loose terminals in the switch. Bypassing the switch with jumpers, we were on our way again. No luck! Next came the ignition module switch. No luck!  Arriving in Prescott, Don and Mando decided to run to Williams to the HD shop and see what might turn up. The rest of us went to Jerome for a sight see and a bit of rain. After exploring the town and a few beers, we were back on the road to Flagstaff. Pulling the grade out of Sedona, it was Eddies turn. Ran out of gas. That sporty gets thirsty trying to run with the big dogs! I have to say that Eddie comes prepared...carries his own gas station with him. A couple of minutes and on the road again. We all arrived in Flagstaff about the same time. Mando's bike still not fixed but hey, tomorrow's another day.

8/4/01 was a beautiful morning. Left Flag for our destination of Ouray, CO. This the day we noticed Jerry's bike used 50% more fuel than the rest of the bikes. In no time at all his bike was loaded smoke, popping, farting, and all the rest. He did manage to keep it running. In the hot desert country of N.E. AZ., Don's bike quit! Found a wire from the switch to the coil had fallen off. Fixed it and off again. Around the Four Corners area, Jerry found out that he had not gapped his plugs enough. Gapped them properly and his problems were no more. More rain in some of the most beautiful country known of Southern CO. Just magnificent. On the way to Ouray, Toby and Eddie took a wrong turn and went to Telluride! Scenic but not Ouray. We found them, went back to Ouray, and spent the night at one of the nicest KOA's ever. Had a bar, live music, and good food.

8/5/01 we decided to work on Mando's carb in Grand Junction, CO. This time we were successful in fixing his bike. Stuck needle and it simply ran out of gas. A little blowing (Don can blow!), a bit of work with the Q-tip and all was well for the rest of the trip. Leaving Grand Junction found us going through Vail, CO. Another pretty place that required the rain gear. The Washington Tunnel was a first for most of us and then the screwed up ride into Denver. Never again to Denver. No lane splitting. No! Toby, you can't ride on the shoulder. (Remember what the nice policeman told you?) Several hours later we were in Cheyenne, WY.

                                         What is that?...


Hey Don!...You think it will be OK?





                         Don, blowing again!

8/6/01 we headed toward Deadwood, SD. and on to Sturgis. In the middle of nowhere, Toby's bike decided it too was tired and stopped. With a little investigation, it was determined that his alternator quit. No problem. Picked up another battery, but it in his ice chest, and wired it to the bike. Now when one quits, just switch to the other. That is the way it was to be for the next few days. Charge one while riding on the other. No way to get work done in Rapid City or Sturgis with all the people but he resolved it later.

Sturgis at Last!

8/7/01 is really our first real day in Sturgis. I know you are waiting for the photos so lets see what we have.
Home Sweet Home!

There are only a few thousand people camped in this pasture so it was not too crowded.

As you can see, not much happening on Main St.



Spring must be in the air. Flowers were blooming everywhere. Since the town is trying to cut down on public nudity, most daring souls have resorted to paint!  Bikes run round & round the 4 block parade area with fine scenery on the back.








Main St. is where it is. All kinds of rides. Some exotic, some not so hot. You never know what you will run into...




    Like this fine sample of a 
    Moto Guzzi!





 about some butterflies?








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