BC & YT Continued...


double_g.jpg (293700 bytes)Rode from Ft Nelson to Watson Lake YT.  N 60* 03.698  W 128* 42.432'. What a day! Showers everywhere. Aggressive skies & it never rained on us! Lunch @ Muncho Lake... The Double D Truck Stop. Some of the best food of the entire trip! Proprietor, Jack, is the man. Be sure to stop, fuel up, eat, & say hi. Found out some interesting things while talking with Jack. No power grid above Wonowon. The larger towns have there own power systems but the smaller places, each has to have their own. Jack runs his place off a great diesel generator. However, a few years ago he added battery power! Batteries will supply him for 16 hours. The other 8 hours, he uses the generator to both run the various loads & recharge the batteries. I don't know how many batteries he has but he has a lot. I did see them. They are 2 volt units that come from Nova Scotia. He has a total of 11,000 W! 

double_g_lunch.jpg (303971 bytes)double_g_bike.jpg (491423 bytes)
Wayne @ the ready for some of Jack's special cooking. After the large meal he prepared, he then enticed us with some of his own style of cinnamon rools! Since they needed to rest a bit more before being cooked, we looked around the place. It was worth the wait! Too big & too good. The old steed waiting to go.

The people we have met on this trip continue to amaze me. Their self reliance, their friendliness, their interest in what we were doing. Great!

Animal life was abundant on this day too. Saw 6 bears, a cow caribou, 4 different groups of sheep (more than 28!), 3 groups of bison (40 +).

bison.jpg (501374 bytes) bison_bike.jpg (413127 bytes)ominous_sky.jpg (286483 bytes)
Bison in BC. Didn't seem to concerned about me. Not any interest in my bike either. That ominous weather I had mentioned! Just fantastic, strong, & peaceful @ the same time. Love it!!

In the later hours, entered Watson Lake. Just across the border in the Yukon. Lot of flying history in this area. Lots of mosquitoes! Interesting place. 1 of the things it is known for is the park full of license plates/signs. Spent some time there walking amongst them. Found signs from Yuma, the San Diego area, Blythe to represent places close to home. It is also known for having the worlds largest weather vane!

yt_bike_tj.jpg (315247 bytes)yt_bike1.jpg (328747 bytes)plates_tj.jpg (369872 bytes)
Yes, I am really here. Wayne got his Beemer in the the photo too. Here is the park full of plates! Note my buddy.

The farther north I go, the stranger the time issue becomes. I start riding in the morning & all of a sudden I feel hungry. Look @ the watch & see that it is 10:30 in the evening! Since it doesn't get dark up there, there is no reference point. I found myself writing notes @ 1:00 in the morning with daylight.

When we got settled in Watson Lake, 2 Brits showed up on their bikes. James & Will. Young guys that shipped their F650's to Argentina. They have been on the rode for 6 months. Rode all over South America, up to Brownsville TX, across the states to Canada, & now we meet them in the Yukon. Very interesting to visit with. They have had great experiences learned on the rode some things that may have come in handy for us.

will_james.jpg (461624 bytes)will_james_group.jpg (369953 bytes)weathervane.jpg (295447 bytes)
The 2 F650's, Will & Wayne. This photo has Will & James, the 2 Brits that are seeing the world. This last photo is the worlds largest weather vane. A complete DC3 from WW11 vintage! It is interesting to see it swivel as the wind direction changes. Note that great weather in the background. Love it too much!


Today we decided to leave the Alcan for a while & take the road to Dawson City. Later in the trip we pick up the Alcan going east. Therefore we traveled the entire length of it. From Watson Lake, we headed on the Alcan to Whitehorse YT. Whitehorse is a town of size. Not too large but they have every thing that a person could need. It is the hub for the area. Stores, malls, warehouses, Harley dealers... :) Oh! & Boston Pizza & Tim Horton. 

mural_whitehorse.jpg (375999 bytes)  hd_whitehorse.jpg (344500 bytes)road_out.jpg (328191 bytes)
While eating a maple dip with French vanilla cappuccino @ the Whitehorse Tim Horton's, I noticed this mural across the street. You find arty people everywhere. More proof for my doubting friends. I must say, of all the bikes brands, you can find a HD Dealer almost everywhere! You won't be stranded. The road out. Skies to die for!

carmacks.jpg (299251 bytes)Just to the west of Whitehorse, is the turn off to Dawson City. We rode quite long this day so we would have an easy day the next. I wanted to get to Dawson City early so we could spend some time there. Arrived @ Carmacks about 10:00 pm. @ this latitude it is light all night. I wrote in my log @ 11:00 pm & there was plenty of light with which to read & write. Carmacks is 
N 62* 05.369' W 136* 16.949' When pulling up to the front of the old hotel, there were the 2 F650's we had seen in Watson Lake. We had stumbled in the Brits again. After eating, I went to the bar to chat a bit. Will was there relaxing with the locals, James was playing the guitar with some other locals & all in all having a great time.


Left Carmacks in search of Dawson City! Easy ride with a bear or 2 thrown in for fun. Dawson City is @ a latitude of N 64* 03.707' W 139* 26.149'. It is up there. Not quite to the Artic Circle but close. I would love to get back to Dawson City again. I could spend some time there. The history of the town, the mining history, it all interests me. I hope to go back someday. Take my truck & a KLR or F650 & explore around the area.

dawson_welcome_tj.jpg (295292 bytes)dawson_hotel.jpg (344197 bytes)diamondtooth.jpg (346352 bytes)
Welcome to Dawson City. Dawson Hotel & the original Diamond Tooth Gerties. Gambling & women!

Dawson City, another town on the Yukon River, currently has a ferry that runs 24/7.... free of charge! Get in line & load up. 1 line for motor homes, trailers etc, & another for small cars & bikes. After being directed to your location on the ferry, off you go to the other side. Only about a 5 minute ride.

ferry_line.jpg (367277 bytes)ferry_wayne.jpg (383938 bytes)ferry_tj.jpg (377371 bytes)
Note the 2 lines for ferry access. Despite how it looks, it moves quite quickly. Wayne & his GS amongst the other iron. The old HD "Walking on Water"

ferry.jpg (448081 bytes)
The ferry after we offloaded on the west side of the Yukon.

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